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November 19, 2019Some Necessities For Small Business Owners

If you’re like most small business owners, then you’ll realize that starting a business isn’t so easy. There are a lot of steps you need to take, and a lot of of things you need to do in order to be effective. Small business owners have to wear “many hats,” hopefully the guide below will help you navigate the confusing path of a small business owner.

Regardless of what you do, the first step in setting up a small business is setting up a corporation. Having a corporation provides you with a legal veil of protection, making it hard for people to come after your personal assets. It provides a shield with which you can protect yourself from the dealings of the business. We personally recommend companies like LegalZoom, which helped us as well.

After you sign up for a corporation, the next logical step is setting up other necessities, for example, having a toll free numbers. The benefits of toll free numbers are innumerable. Companies like, offer free voicemail transcription, in addition to an unlimited amount of extensions. Having an unlimited amount of extensions is extremely helpful because it allows the possibility for future expansion, when you hire new employees and create new divisions.

After you setup a toll free number, the next step, will be creating a website. There are many reputable free website providers, like  Godaddy website design. They can help you setup a new website for very little cost. If you prefer a more professional touch, you can consult a local website designer, or if you’re doing e-commerce, a website solution like Volusion, can be very helpful. We’ve worked with Volusion before, and their website solutions are extremely turnkey, and their staff is very friendly.

Once you have a website setup, you should take a step back and ask yourself, where are you getting business from. Will it be online, through advertising, or traditional advertising? There are many advertising solutions, such as Google adwords, which can be helpful. If your vehicle of marketing will be online, then in addition to SEO, you need to be doing things such as spending money on Adwords. There are other sources of marketing, such as Google adwords for TV, which makes it possible to advertise through traditional mediums, like Television, and buy the media online.

Hopefully you’ve learned a few things from this article about the initial opening steps of starting a business. No one can teach you how to how to start and run a business.


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