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November 19, 2019SEO Reseller Programs

Trusted by hundreds of agencies

DotComSEO Inc., is the proud partner of hundreds of resellers/agencies, that have partnered with us in order to increase the value they provide to their customers. Our retention rate with partners exceeds 95%, proving how amazing our reseller program is. We value the feedback, and active role, our partners play in our reseller program which helps shape and improve it.

Reasons to sign up for our reseller program

1. All reseller programs and services are created for your company based on your budget and needs. We bend in whatever what you need us to, in order to help deliver results to your clients.

2. All reports and documentation is done white label with your company’s look and feel. All report templates are customized to meet your needs and branding so it looks the reports came from you!

3. 100% confidential and non-compete agreements are signed. We will never contact your clients, even if you no longer work with us. Your clients belong to you and only you!

4. We help you save money and provide you with pre-sales support.

5. We act as if we are members of your team. We even talk to your clients, with you, on a conference call.

Our partnership models

We help agencies looking for private white label marketing services, such as SEO, PPC management.

We offer franchisee to potential companies looking to become a part of the DotComSEO Inc., family. We already have over 5 franchises, and are always looking to expand. Franchises get an unprecedented level of support and assistance, with full access to all of our resources, staff, and proprietary SEO methods.

White label SEO reseller program

If you take part in this program, you resell our search engine marketing services under your own brand name. You write your name, and it looks like all work is done by you, but instead we do all of the work. We bill you, and you bill your client. The client never knows we exist. 

Free Sign Up

There are no setup fees ever, you are charged when we start working on the project and it’s always transparent.

Pre-Sale Support and Customer Service

Our team will help you close the deal. We will help with all pre-sale questions, and answers. We work with your team to answer any/all potential client questions. This makes sure you handle, and get as many clients as possible.

Confidentiality and Non Disclosure

We are very careful, and take confidentiality very seriously. We never contact your clients, even if you no longer work with us. We protect your interests, and confidentiality, always. If our team ever needs to communicate with your client, we make sure to work with you in the picture, and under your guidance.

DotComSEO Inc., Franchisee Model

Do you want to have a strong brand, with a reputable history, behind you? If your clients are looking for Search Engine Marketing, and want a brand with case studies and testimonials, then becoming a franchisee is a great way to accomplish that. By becoming a DotComSEO franchisee, all you have to do is send your sales leads to us. We then close the sale, by using our brand – client testimonials – references, and everything else possible. We handle the entire customer support and maintenance for all clients.



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