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November 19, 2019SEO FAQ

Search Engine Optimization Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How do backlinks affect rankings?

Backlinks are a form of “popularity,” signals. These signals help Google, and other search engines, determine if your website is popular enough to appear on page 1 of Google. Search engines see these links as either positive, or negative, votes, for your website.

Is there a magic number of backlinks?

There is no golden number when it comes to backlinks. It’s all relative to the industry you are targeting. You should look to acquire niche relevant backlinks from other reputable websites in your industry.

What should be my SEO budget?

This is a number that depends on many things. For example, how much can you afford? On average, your SEO budget should be some dollar amount, divided over a period of 6 months. SEO budgets are something that should be decided on at an annual level. On average though, at a minimum you should have an annual budget of $2000-$3000, and it goes up depending on the niche/industry.

What are on-site meta-tags

Meta-tags are essentially “the address,” to your website. They are used to help search engines determine what your website is about. When search engines load your source code, the first thing they read is the title tag, and meta-tags. These meta-tags appear in the search results when your website appears.

What’s a sitemap?

You should consider a site-map, like a Yellowpages to your website. It’s a directory, and it helps search engines find pages that they might ordinarily be unable to find. This is extremely helpful if you have an e-commerce website, or if you have a blog that is frequently updated.

What’s a robots.txt file?

Robots.txt file is a file on your website that is a set of instructions for when robots/crawlers visit your website.

What’s a 301 redirect?

If you’re switching domain names, a 301 redirect is a method of transferring all the search engine credit on your original domain to your new domain.

What is Page rank?

Page rank is a number assigned to your domain and webpages. It’s used by the search engine Google to assign a “quality score,” as to the authority/power your respective domain/page has.

How can I see how much traffic I get?

If you’re curious as to the amount of traffic you’re getting, and other information about the type of traffic – you should install Google Analytics, which is a software which helps answer these questions.

What’s the difference between SEO and PPC?

SEO is the process of ranking high in Google, Bing, and Yahoo, in the natural search results. Pay Per Click, is a method through which you can rank high in Google, Bing, and Yahoo by “paying,” to be on page 1. This is a sponsored form of being on page 1.

What’s keyword density?

Search engines like Google are text based. That means without text, they are unable to classify and understand what your website is about. Keyword density is a way to tell search engines a specific concept or keyword you would like to emphasize when it comes to “relevancy.”

Is Social Media important for SEO?

As the year 2012 comes to a close, and 2013 begins, Social Media, and in specific – social signals, are becoming more and more important. Backlinks have been used for the better part of a decade, as a measurement of “popularity.” Social Media signals are the evolution of backlinks and the next level. More and more, Social Media signals are becoming more relevant and important. Whether it be people sharing your website on Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms, these social signals are becoming increasingly important.

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November 19, 2019

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