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November 19, 2019Performance Based SEO

Performance Based SEO – what is it, and why should you be considering it?

That’s what this post is all about. Get ready for a bit of a history lesson, and make sure you have some time to really digest why this is a good idea.

The SEO industry has gotten a pretty bad rap sheet. Whether it be due to outsourced SEO Companies, or even domestic national companies. Bottom line, overpromised and under-delivered, is the name of the game. Most business owners feel  essentially the same thoughts when it comes to SEO.  Many SEO companies overpromise, promising the world, and  at the end of the day only deliver a few morsels of sand.

Business Owners Standpoint

Business and commerce is all about exchange. When I go to a furniture store, I buy a piece of furniture. End of story. I know what i’m buying is tangible and real, and I don’t really have to wonder much more than that. When it comes to SEO, unfortunately there really is no physical tangible good. It’s a virtual product, and that’s just it. Even online concepts such as website design, or website development/programming, have tangible goods. Either you have a working website/program, or you don’t. End of story – if the workers put in the man hours, you will get an end product. Here’s the caveat, technically speaking – workers can put in the hours, and still you can end up with nothing. That’s the kick – and that’s the biggest issue. SEO firms often do put in the work, but at the end of the day you don’t get the results you were expecting. What’s that mean? – well in essence, you paid for their efforts, and not a tangible good. 

In comes performance based SEO. 

The purpose of performance based SEO, is to earn your trust – and not ask for it. With this arrangement, the SEO company takes all the risk – albeit, you do end up paying a higher price for it.

The SEO company agrees essentially – to do the work, with no retainer at all. They get paid based upon delivery of final goods. They only get paid when you hit page 1, or whatever goals you + they have established.

Why should you consider performance based SEO?

Bottom line, there’s plenty of SEO companies out there, and many of them claim they can deliver – but sifting through the junk is extremely time consuming, and just when you think you’ve found the right firm – you could be wrong and losing thousands of dollars.

The financial risks are just too high testing SEO firms on a retainer basis.

With a performance based setup, as a business owner you are only paying for results – and that’s important!

The SEO firms take the risk, – generally speaking, only the best SEO firms, like us 😉 – take this route for clients. Not only does this enable them to get a foot in the door with you, but it also enables them to get your business (because they are certain they can deliver).

For a business owner, this is one of the best ways of getting SEO done. Certain SEO companies, primarily those who would rather get paid for their “efforts,” rather than “guaranteed results,” will shun away from this. Bottom line, you’re a business owner – and just because an SEO company gives you a lower monthly retainer price doesn’t mean much. You get what you pay for. Performance based SEO is a smart alternative to retainer based models.


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