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November 19, 2019Is having a parent category helpful?

We’ve recently seen an interesting thing happen with some of the e-commerce retailers we work with. Most notably, we recently started consulting with, a new comer to the vaping industry. They are an online retailer who sells a number of things like e-liquids, vaporizers, and a bunch of other items.

Our first approach to organizing their catalogue was to make them all “first level pages” such as

ANML E Liquids

Our theory was that by placing them as first level items – it would make it easier for search engines, and visitors searching for the product. It’s a lot easier to remember, than some 2nd level page. Here’s the fascinating thing. In accident, our website malfunctioned and a whole bunch of product pages started getting indexed with a /product/ category. What fascinated us, is that many of those pages that were indexed under the /product/ category started seeing a rise in rankings.


In this case, over a period of a few days, by switching to the /product/ parent category, the page saw an increase in rankings. There was no change in the SEO content, and no backlinks were done. Traditional school of thought is that 1st level pages (no parent page) gain more preference in terms of baseline rankings vs pages that have a parent page. In this case, the parent page has no SEO done to it. It was a fluke/accident that it was even made. It somehow has to do with WooCommerce and Woocommerce’s naming mechanisms. Yet there appears to be an increase in overall rankings.

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November 19, 2019

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