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November 19, 2019How To Write a Blog Post

Writing a blog post is one of those things that’s trivialized. Blogging is one of the crux’s of any SEO campaign. With algorithms like Panda, and Hummingbird, rewarding content creation – blogging is important, yet many people still don’t know how to blog. Many people think a kid can write a blog post. Assuming that’s true – it doesn’t mean that an audience will engage with the blog post.

Blogging shouldn’t involve writing crap content. Blogging should involve writing content that will engage with readers, and want them to get involved in the conversation that occurs on the blog post.

Our blog post here is focused on discussing how to write great blog posts and what it means to write a good one.

Blogging Isn’t High School Research Papers

In high school, you were taught to write research papers. It was difficult and painful. You were taught the formal – 4-5 sentences per paragraph. Blah Blah Blah.

The point of a blog post isn’t to write a term paper. It’s to create a conversation with others. The point of a blog isn’t to talk AT YOU, it’s talk “with you.”

What Are You Really Saying?

Before you start writing a blog post, try to figure out what your purpose is. What is the point of the blog post? I’ve seen on many occasions people write blog posts with nothing meaningful on them. I guess that’s fine – they have a purpose in mind. But is that your purpose? It certainly shouldn’t be for every single blog post. The point you are going to convey is extremely important. Before you start blogging and writing, understand what you’re blogging about – and why someone should give 2 Sh%#’s about your post.

Titles Are Your Friends

The first thing someone sees is your title. If your title sucks, no one is going to continue reading. That’s just plain science. You need to come up with an awesome title that ignites the rest of the blog post. If your title sucks, most people won’t read your good blog post.

Sink Your Hooks Into Your Readers

You have 5 seconds, IF THAT, to grab your readers attention. If you don’t grab someones attention within the first sentence or two, then you’ve lost them.

Break It Down

In this day and age, there’s a ton of content. The issue is, most of this content is topical and boring. It’s the same on every site you visit – just rehashed. The purpose of your blog post should be to provide meaningful content that goes far above the basics. You want to get into the micro details that help elucidate your expertise, and provide value to readers. Mediocre blog posts have no value at all, and we certainly don’t recommend them. What’s the point?


November 19, 2019

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