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November 19, 2019Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization

Performance Based Search Engine Optimization

Guaranteed search engine optimization, performance based search engine optimization, these are two different phrases which both pertain to the same thing. Guaranteed SEO is a relatively new model, and for many business owners the decision is fairly simple when they find a company offering this. Pay for rankings, also known as guaranteed search engine optimization, is a performance approach, and an innovative way to price SEO services.

We are a guaranteed SEO company, and thus can speak from experience when we write this article, and address some of the concerns you may have. Because of the nature of “performance based,” SEO – the SEO company is taking all the risk, and thus will try to do everything possible in order to get the rankings. In many cases, some SEO companies have done some of the “blackest” hat SEO in order to maintain their guarantee.  Here are some tips for reducing your risk when hiring a performance based SEO company.

– Ask the firm to sign a guarantee they will not violate Google’s webmaster guidelines when doing guaranteed SEO for you

– Ask the firm for references, and if you know someone whose an SEO expert, – have that expert do an SEO audit of the references to ensure the SEO was done in a white-hat manner

– Make sure the guaranteed search engine optimization company gives you a monthly report of all links built, and make sure you review these links. Use an independent tool, like Majestic SEO, or SEOMOZ to review and corroborate the accuracy of their report. Keep an eye on “bad” links that may start appearing and bring it to the attention of the SEO company performing guaranteed search engine optimization.

– Minimize the overall length of the contract, and have an “out” in case the guaranteed seo company violates the terms and agreements and do not follow Google’s webmaster guidelines

– Sometimes guaranteed search engine optimization companies will have very tricky contracts in order to protect themselves legally. It’s advised you have an attorney review all said contracts.


November 19, 2019

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