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November 20, 20192014 SEO For Small Businesses

2013 was an interesting year. It’s been filled with updates, small, and major. Now as it comes to a close, we have to wonder, what’s next, and how should a small business prepare for 2014.

First and foremost, SEO is no longer about high link volume, link farming, etc. What we consistently see, after every algorithmic update, is that websites with plenty of low quality spammy links keep getting penalized. So many businesses we’ve seen, had to start over, because of ten’s of thousands of automated links.

In 2014, the resounding theme is stop building links to yourself that have no value. 

Focus on things, not strings, as Google would say it.

Instead of focusing on low quality, bulk links, focus on building links that are meaningful.

For example, build a business profile, with a link in it, on places like Yelp, where consumers can then leave feedback about your company.

Focus on meaningful items that will result in value being added to your company, and the website where the link is placed.

Before the recent algorithmic changes, what we noticed was many businesses were propping up, and revolving their entire business around search engines. They’d forget traditional marketing, and other things that were traditionally the backbone of a business.

After 2013, with SEO being reigned in, and controlled, businesses need to focus on the traditional factors that are the backbone of a company.

Success in SEO should come as a result of all the things you’re doing right, which is rewarded with high ranks in search engines. 

To be blunt, if you’re a business, and there’s nothing special about your business compared to the competition — such as great reviews, a new product, great service, etc —- then forget about SEO.

Think about what is specific about your company that makes you deserve a page 1 rank.

Most SEO companies will be happy to take your money, even if you don’t have a snowballs chance in hell to get on page 1.



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